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Here are some useful Spanish Internet Activities.

Be sure to check here often because new items will be added as the year goes along.


Mi Vida Loca


Vocabulario del cuerpo humano en inglés y español



To Begin:                                                 correr (to run)
         Click on ¡conJUGUEMOS!                                       

bulletChoose "Spanish".  
bulletClick on Indicative Mood: The Simple Tenses          
bulletThen Choose:  Present tense--Regular Verbs.
bulletClick on the Start Button in the yellow box to activate the exercise
bulletPractice conjugating ~ar verbs.  Remember to choose regular verbs, and all pronouns except vosotros.


Talk Spanish

Instructions for Talk Spanish

Use these instructions for all of the bullets in the yellow box below.



Choose a video
Click on a link below to watch a clip, then do the activities further down.


Example: When would you say Buenas tardes and when Buenas noches? Drag each situation into the correct column. 
Do the practice for each section.


Print out a worksheet for each bulleted section below. Put your knowledge into practice (the worksheet may take some time to download) When completed turn you worksheet into Dra. Hickman.


Get more from
Example: Revision factfile: greetings There is one for each section.



Talk Spanish


  • Greetings
  • Introducing yourself and family
  • Your age and siblings
  • Your job and home
  • Your spare time
  • Ordering food
  • Buying food
  • Shopping for clothes & presents
  • Asking for directions
  • Booking hotel & train
  • Meeting people

    Click below to find the idioms:


    Spanish-English Idioms

    There are many colorful Spanish idioms which have colorful English equivalents.

    Through a comparison of these idioms, learners of both the Spanish

    and English language can both learn more about their languages and

    about the character of the native speakers.



    Click on any of the following and follow the directions given.

    Only work on the items that we have covered in class.

    Día de los Muertos Glossary

    Random Trivia



    Day of the Dead is a Mexican tradition combining native Aztec and Roman Catholic practices and beliefs.

    Salt is considered the spice of life and is one the staples that should be left at the altar.

    It is believed that the dead consider it disrespectful to be greeted by grieving at the altar.


    Piñata Concentration Game


    Learn Spanish with don Quijote

    Conversational Spanish Help

    Practice the Spanish Alphabet

    Practice the Weather

    Practice the Numbers

    Spanish Flashcards

    Practice the Colors

    The Clothing Game

    Grammar Practice

    Vocabulary Practice

    Reflexive verbs

    Online Spanish Grammar Tutor

    Practice Days of the Week

    Practice the Months of the Year

    Interactive Quiz  Fling the Teacher Quiz

    La Familia Real

    La Familia Real Images

    En una hoja del papel, haga una lista de todos los adjetivos

    que usted utilizaría describir a su familia. (On a sheet of

    paper, make a list of all the adjectives you would

    use to describe their family.)

    61 Word Hangman

    Por and Para


    50 adjectives to describe the personality


    Songs of Christmas / Canciones de Navidad

    Christmas Quiz



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