Safe Surfing

In today's world the internet provides us with a wealth of  information and a limitless opportunity to have contact with other people, cultures, and ideas. The volume of information and the unprecedented  ability to contact others, and have others contact us, through computers has given new meaning to what we were told when we were young, "there are many good people out in the world but a few are dangerous, be careful."  

How To Be Careful...

Never give your password to anyone.

Never give out  personal information name, address, phone number and be careful about subtle information such as your daily routine, what groups you belong to at school, where you go to school. 

Never agree to meet someone you have chatted with online, unless you have permission and an adult goes with you. 

If you come across something that is offensive or if  someone is making you feel uncomfortable with a line of  conversation leave the site and tell the authorities.

Be extremely cautious about instant messaging services.  They are fun but can allow users you've never met to "get" access to your computer and the information on it. 

Recognize marketing techniques that manipulate visitors to buy a product or reveal personal information.


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