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Introdución a Español

 El Español I




Spanish Word of the Day
One new word every day, seven words a week. Grouped by topic and showing their origin, real life examples and pronunciation.
Spanish Alphabet
Learn the Spanish Alphabet. You will learn how to pronounce all the letters by themselves and in several words.
Spanish Common Errors
In all languages there are some words that lead to mistakes in writing or use due to their similarity in pronunciation. Since this problem also exists in Spanish, we have prepared a selection of 100 words that frequently present problems to help you improve your Spanish.
Spanish Numbers
Learn how to form the Spanish numbers. How they are written and pronounced. Divided into two chapters to make the learning of Spanish numbers easier.
Spanish Dictionary
Spanish Survival-Travel dictionary & Spanish Lovel dictionary.
- Spanish Survival Dictionary
Basic vocabulary, sentences and words for travelers in Spain & Latin America. Grouped by topic to make their learning easier.
- Spanish Love Dictionary
Basic vocabulary, sentences and words to help you express with your boy/girlfriend in Spanish.
Spanish Test
The don Quijote Spanish language test has 50 questions divided into 5 levels, from beginners to advanced.
Spanish Literature
Spanish Literature. History summary, library with free books, poems and novels to read online or download.
- History of Spanish Literature
History of Spanish Literature from the first written texts to the present day.
- Library of Spanish Literature
Online library with free online books to read online and available downloads. Ordered by author, title or category.
Spanish Games
Learn Spanish and have fun at the same time. Learning a language is not only a matter of studying. Acquire new vocabulary while playing.
Spanish Forums
Six Spanish forums divided by topic of interest.


Latin Culture
Know the Latin Culture through its music, writers, cities, food, la siesta, flamenco...
- Spanish Names
Searchable directory of Hispanic, Spanish and Basque baby names including meanings and a popular tops of boy and girl Spanish names.
- Spanish Culture
Widely known for Flamenco music and dance, bullfights, fantastic beaches and lots of sunshine, Spain has much more to offer than that. It is -and has been for thousands of years- one of the cultural centres of Europe.
- Spanish Recipes
Know the Spanish cuisine and how to do it the most popular recipes.
- Spanish History
Overview of Spanish History from Romans to actual time.
- Languages spoken in Spain
Official languages spoken in Spain.
Virtual Museum
Virtual Museum of don Quixote. Pictures, books, editions, companies, streets, everything related to Cervantes character.


Tourist Info
don Quijote tourist Information guide.
- Travel Guides
Travel guides of Barcelona, Granada, Madrid, Salamanca, Sevilla , Tenerife & Valencia, Spain. Cusco in Peru & Guanajuato in Mexico.
- Maps
Detailed maps of Spain. Including Barcelona, Granada, Madrid, Salamanca, Sevilla, Tenerife and Valencia.
- Country profiles
Usefull information about Spanish speaking countries. Complete information about their History, Culture, Currency, which places are best to visit and at what season of the year.


Write your C.V.
A list with the basic rules you must follow when writing your CV-Resume in Spanish & English.
- How to write a C.V
Learn how to write your C.V.
- How to write a letter of introduction
What form should this letter of introduction take? Should it be 2 pages, half a page? This section will explain.
Spanish Media
Spanish newspaper directory by country.
Spain News
Last minute headlines from the most important media publications around the world.
Jokes in Spanish
Selected jokes in Spanish to learn Spanish having fun.
Spanish Lyrics
Directory with the Latin singers songs and lyrics.
Spanish Love
Resources about love in Spanish. Free poems, postcards, recipes, forums, articles, books and a Spanish love dictionary.
Make friends with Spanish. Postcards, books, articles....


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